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Sydney Mardi Gras drops "gay and lesbian" from its title to be more inclusive

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It would be an interesting irony if, in an effort to be all inclusive, they just excluded everybody:

The not-so-very-gay and only-a-little-bit-lesbian Mardi Gras Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras has decided – for the time being at least – to drop the "gay and lesbian" from the name of the festival and call it just "Sydney Mardi Gras". Raising a ruckus in the "gay and lesbian" community.
Mardi Gras say that calling the event "gay and lesbian" excludes bisexuals, transgender, intersex etc, while putting them all in makes the name too long. Which is a fair point. However, their solution is to leave everyone out, which is somehow supposed to include everyone in. Or something like that. And anyway, everyone KNOWS Sydney Mardi Gras is gay and lesbian so why mention it? Stop making such a fuss.
It reminds me of the protesters who joined the huge Latino immigration march here in DC a while back. Their signs marked them as "LGBT" rather than "gay" "trans" etc., and I'm guessing most people attending the rally had no idea who they were or what they were representing. By including everyone (and let's be fair, LGBT doesn't include everyone, it only includes those four groups), they ended up ensuring that no one would be represented at the rally.

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