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They’re alive! Liberal groups suddenly realize Senate education bill ignores bullying

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Our groups finally realized that the Education bill in the Senate doesn't do squat about bullying, and actually refused to incorporate two proposals that were already on the table.  When the bill passed, criticism was muted.  Today, for some reason, someone apparently pushed the unmute button.

This is the kind of thing our groups should have ensured was in the bill from the git-go.  And they didn't.  It's nice of them to express concern now, after they all dropped the ball, and now that it's much harder to get the legislation into the bill.

It's really quite abominable that Senate Democrats didn't even bother addressing bullying in their new education bill.  It's one more factor that makes the Democratic base wonder what the point is in electing Democrats if they refuse to act like Democrats and address democratic priorities?  What kind of moron didn't think of including bullying in an education overhaul? Unless, of course, Democrats were afraid, as always, that "teh gay" (misspelling intentional) would be too controversial (as if Americans would be on the wrong side of teen suicide).  Well, if Senate Democrats are embarrassed by us, we'll keep that in mind next November.

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