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TON of gay wins at the ballot box yesterday

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Assembled with the help of a friend:

Ken Zalewski enters his third term as Troy, NY's first and only openly gay city council member.

Mike Laster -- first openly gay man on Houston City Council

Adam Ebbin elected first openly gay state Senator in Virginia

Bruce Harris was elected mayor of Chatham Borough, N.J. He's likely the nation's first openly gay, African American, Republican mayor.

Openly gay Ryan Mello elected to Tacoma, Wash., City Council

Right wing bigot Paul Scott recalled in Michigan. He was not a nice young man.

Cincinnati elects first openly gay city council member.

The Iowa Independent reports that the "final" results in the balance-of-power state Senate special election race went to the Democrat, Liz Mathis. With 55.8 percent of the vote, she bested Republican Cindy Golding, who received 43.52 percent of the vote. Mathis's victory means the state Senate stays in Democratic control, stopping an attempt at reversing marriage equality in the state.

Charlotte, NC elects first openly gay official.

Traverse City, Mich., votes to retain LGBT-inclusive city nondiscrimination ordinance

Indianapolis gets first gay city council member.

Holyoke, MA elects 22 year old gay mayor, nation's youngest mayor.

Houston re-elects lesbian Mayor Annise Parker | Biggest U.S. city with a gay mayor

With more than 99 percent of the precincts counted, out lesbian Houston Mayor Annise Parker appears to have won re-election with no run-off, defeating five challengers. With 50.85 percent of the vote for Parker, her nearest challenger stands at 14.81 percent of the vote.

Tim Eustace becomes 2nd openly gay member of N.J. Legislature

Gay candidate Daryl Finizio elected mayor of New London, Conn.

Lesbian wins election to Missoula, Montana, City Council

Gabriel Giffords intern, gay hero Daniel Hernandez Jr., elected to Tucson, Ariz. school board

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