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Binational couples and the holidays

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From the BiNationalCouples blog:

My lovely friend in Colorado will celebrate Christmas with her wife via Skype. Her wife is British and lives in the UK. In spite of her wife's extensive education, there is no "line" at the immigration office for this bi-national couple to get into.

My very dear friend lives in California, her wife, her legal wife (married in Canada and in California) will be in England due to the United States immigration discriminatory laws. These two ladies pose no threat to anyone, as a matter of fact, the Californian is a Military Veteran. In spite of serving her country, her country refuses to acknowledge her marriage to her lovely wife from the United Kingdom. They, too, will spend Christmas apart....touching their computer screens instead of holding each other.

I have a friend on twitter who is struggling on telling her son (age 2) and daughter (age 6), that their "other" Mom's visa may not be renewed. Another family separated by the so called Defense of Marriage Act and immigration discrimination. Will they be able to watch their children open their presents....together as a family?

Things that heterosexuals take for granted, spending holiday's with the family, watching the kids open presents, sitting around the dinner table, are things that bi-national same sex couples pray to be a reality soon.

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