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Gay "Laugh-In" star Alan Sues dies

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I'm just old enough to hate that show. At age eight I already found the humor to be way too pedestrian for my tastes (but I get that a lot of people found it very funny, so I won't judge :) Alan Sues looks vaguely familiar to me, but I'm sure. Some of you probably remember him, so here goes, the Dallas Voice has more.

And here's video of one of his appearances on Laugh-In. It's amazing how gay he was for 1970(ish) TV. Then again, people liked their TV gays back then, even though I still wonder whether, at the time, straight people figured out that the guys (Paul Lynde, Liberace) were gay.

Paul Lynde died in 1982? Man I'm getting old. Okay, I couldn't resist but share this from Wikipedia about Paul Lynde.

It was on Hollywood Squares that Lynde was best able to showcase his comedic talents with short, salty one-liners, delivered in his trademark sniggering delivery. Many of these gags were thinly-veiled allusions to his homosexuality. Asked "You're the world's most popular fruit. What are you?" Lynde replied, "Humble." Asked whether it was against the law in Texas to call a Marine a "sissy," Lynde quipped, "I guess I’ll have to take the law into my own hands."

Other jokes relied on double entendre, an alleged fondness for deviant behaviors, or dealt with "touchy" subject matter for 1970s television. One example:

Q: The great writer George Bernard Shaw once wrote, 'It's such a wonderful thing, what a crime to waste it on children.' What is it?

Lynde: A whipping.

Q: Paul, any good boat enthusiast should know that when a man falls out of your boat and into the water, you should yell 'Man overboard!' Now what should you yell if a woman falls overboard?

Lynde: Full speed ahead!

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