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NY high school suspends kids in Jamey Rodemeyer suicide

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Suspended? It's been three months. And now, only now, they're simply suspending some kids? How about expelling the kids who started chanting in joy at the news of Jamey's death - "better off dead!" - at a school dance right after he died, and in front of his surviving sister? Suspended?

Boy, you'd better not bully a kid until he kills himself in the Williamsville Central School District, they might just give you a free week off of school. And we all know how delinquent low-life's just hate missing school.

A kid is dead. They should be expelled. What exactly do you have to do to be expelled in that school district? And it would be interesting to see who's been expelled before? I'd be very curious to see what it took to get an expulsion - I'm going to bet it was a lot less than causing the death of a fellow student.

Great message, the Williamsville Central School District is sending to future bullies.

UPDATE: The suspensions might last a grand total of 5 days. Yeah, shaking in their boots now.

Oh, and check this out - a new excuse from the school:

Although the Willmamsville Central School District has received a lot of attention because Jamey was a North High freshman at the time of his death, police, school and legal officials have said the reasons behind Jamey's suicide appear far broader than just bullying by classmates.
Oh, then that's okay. He was a "troubled teen."  So that makes it less severe having fellow students bully him until he kills himself, outright suggest he kill himself, when they must have known that he was already on the edge? And of course, most high school kids aren't troubled in their own way?

It is interesting that there's no reference to the kids chanting "better off dead!" Who are they, why weren't they expelled? There's no video of it, seriously? There were hundreds of kids at a dance, tell me there's no video.

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