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Christie: I have the same position on marriage as Obama

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Igor Volsky got the video of Governor Christie's appearance on Morning Joe earlier today. Christie made a big point of saying he's got the same position on marriage as Obama. In fact, he made that point repeatedly. Then, Christie got into it with Jonathan Capehart.

Definitely worth a watch:

When Capehart noted that Obama has stated he's evolving on marriage, the other panelists burst into laughter. This is going to be an ongoing problem for the President. The "evolving" talking point doesn't have much credibility. This issue is not going away. Marriage is already on the ballot in North Carolina and Minnesota. It probably will be in Washington and Maryland. And, there will be more DOMA decisions this year, too. Looks like we can expect Republicans to keep saying they've got the same position on marriage as Obama. That's their talking point.

The Republicans are comparing themselves to Obama for a reason. Imagine what will happen during a debate this fall when the GOP candidate says that he has the same position on marriage as Obama. That's not going to be very inspiring. And, that's probably their intent. Let's be realistic, marriage is not going to be the decisive issue for most voters. The people who are going to vote against Obama because of gay issues already think he supports marriage. He's already lost them -- and probably never had them.

But, the President can gain enthusiasm from one of the key voting groups that campaign manager Jim Messina keeps saying he's targeting: young people. Yesterday, PPP released a poll from Washington State that found "Young voters support gay marriage 63/32." Last May, the Washington Post reported that is poll in swing state of Virginia "shows that nearly three-quarters of those ages 18 to 29 say gays should be able to legally wed." In DC, the conventional wisdom is that supporting marriage will hurt a candidate. That's not true anymore, but it takes DC a long time to catch up with reality.

And, H/T to MK from LA for the heads up about this exchange.

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