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Howard Stern lays out the case for gay rights (kind of amazing, actually)

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I'm going to quote Perez Hilton on this one, because he's absolutely correct.  Never, ever, underestimate the influence that Howard Stern (and Robin) have on the popular culture with millions of straight fans.

A guy like Howard Stern, with such a widespread audience and recognizable personality, has a lot of pull in this world. What he says a lot of people hear — and more importantly, listen to. So we were nothing but proud to hear him go off on the homophobes of this country who dare to have problems with the gay community on his radio show Monday morning. From the JcPenney people who are boycotting because of Ellen DeGeneres to the mid-western women who have created a group called "No Homo," Howard doesn't hold back in his distain for them and further, let's people like David Letterman (who recognizably has a problem with Rosie O'Donnell) really have it.

Check out the video (above) to hear King Howard speak reasonably and passionately about supporting the rights and equal treatment of gays.

Thanks, Howie! You're alright in our book!
You can listen to Howard's audio in the embed below. Not surprisingly, some of the language might not be 100% appropriate to play out loud for the office.

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