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NH on verge of repealing marriage equality, but may not have votes to overturn promised veto

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It appears the New Hampshire Republican party is so hateful that they're make bashing gays a bigger priority than focusing on the economy during a Depression. From the NYT:

A repeal bill appears to have a good chance of passing in the State House and Senate, which are both controlled by Republicans. The bigger question is whether they can muster enough votes to overcome a promised veto from Gov. John Lynch, a Democrat.

Based on party lines, House and Senate Republicans both have veto-proof majorities. But this is an issue where party allegiance gets muddy.
A House vote would need to take place by March 29, the deadline for the House to send its legislation to the Senate. Mr. Bates said Monday that he was working on ways to broaden the bill’s support in both chambers, like changing or removing a sentence that states, “Children can only be conceived naturally through copulation by heterosexual couples.”
Live Free or Die, my ass.  And everyone always tries to tell us how NH Republicans are different.  They're sounding like a bunch of Rick Santorums at the moment.

Also, legally, it'd be fascinating to watch that "children can only be conceived naturally" language pass, as it would seem to negate the existence of "children" who were conceived in other ways.  Is NH planning on making any child in the state not born via heterosexual intercourse - e.g., in vitro fertilization - an un-child under the law?  That's certainly one way to can read that legislation.  That would affect inheritance, health insurance, schooling, all sorts of things.

Like I said, Live Free or die, my ass.

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