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The religious right is angry at another business they don’t frequent: Starbucks

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Seriously.  These guys need to get a clue.  Starbucks?  Who goes to Starbucks?  Far more of us than them, I'd wager.  From Frank Bruni in the NYT:

Starbucks, you see, is under fire for its public support of the same-sex marriage legislation that recently passed the State Senate in Washington, where the company has its headquarters. That legislation is expected to clear the House as well and be signed by Gov. Christine Gregoire in the next few weeks. Washington would become the seventh state in which such marriages are legal.

The Christian conservatives who have been trying to stop that aren’t pleased. They’re involved in an effort to gather enough signatures to suspend the law’s implementation until a voter referendum can be held. In the meantime, Steven Andrew, the president of USA Christian Ministries, has called for a national boycott of the coffee chain, saying that while its executives “can follow Satan if they want to,” God-fearing Americans shouldn’t join them on that caffeinated road to hell.

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