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Roland Martin’s wife angrily tweets gays "use our history to gain their equality"; slams CNN

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Update: Her twitter account is now gone, deleted. According to several people she claimed right before the account was deleted that her account was hacked. Perhaps. It happens. It's also possible that her account wasn't hacked. But in all fairness I obviously wanted to let folks know what she apparently is now claiming.  Oh, and the screen captures below were made by me, personally, from her account before it was deleted - so they're real, not photoshopped.

This isn't going to make things any better.

Roland Martin's wife, Jacquie Hood Martin, reacted angrily today to the news that CNN is suspending her husband for three days following his unfortunate tweets on Sunday that seemed to endorse violence against gays.

Here is what his wife tweeted today - she is @jhoodmartin.  Keep in mind, Twitter is an odd duck - the posts are in chronological order, top one was written first, next one is a response.  I walk through who said what below each image:

So in the tweets above, someone named Sophia wrote that the gay group GLAAD, which called for CNN to fire Roland Martin, are bullies and that CNN or GLAAD are using Martin as their "whipping boy." Martin's wife Jacquie then appears to respond to Sophia about GLAAD (read: gays) "us[ing] our history go gain their equality" etc.

Here's another:
So Sophia writes about the "high tech lynching."  Then DL responds that this is about CNN protecting its brand.  And Mrs. Martin then responds "What CNN brand?"

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