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Sam Arora continues to refuse to explain what changed his vote on marriage

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Sam, you're a liar.  And worse than that, you're a coward.  A coward who's hiding a secret.  In your case, the secret is what happened some time during a three day period in February of last year that changed you from a rabid gay marriage supporter to someone suddenly acting like he's the second coming of Jerry Falwell.

You don't have religious concerns about marriage equality, or you'd have had them when you campaigned, yet you campaigned claiming to support the bill.  You didn't have such concerns when you cosponsored the bill, or when you called a mutual friend to brag about having cosponsored the bill, or when you tweeted that the bill met any religious concerns folks might have.

But somehow, suddenly, at the end of February 2011, something happened, and something changed.  For reasons no one can figure out, and you refuse to say, something changed your mind.  Suddenly, Sam the pro-gay braggart became Sam the very serious man of faith who just couldn't find it in himself to even express a coherent sentence as to why his vote had suddenly changed.

Sam the progressive became Sam the guy who's got a secret.

Take today's statement that Arora finally issued after a week of silence following his vote in the state House against marriage equality.

"This has been an emotional debate and I understand there are those who disagree with my vote. Now that the bill has passed, I've turned my focus to close special interest tax loopholes and protecting senior citizens in Maryland."
No Sam, you don't understand at all. What made the vote so emotional in your case is that you changed your mind, 180 degrees, over the period of 3 days, after being a RABID supporter of marriage equality. And then you refused to talk about it, refused to even give a reason, like one of those parents on TV whose kid got kidnapped and they just can't tell the cops what happened, or else.

What's the "or else" here Sam? Why are you acting like someone who's done something wrong, who's hiding something? Why can't you issue a clear statement explaining your vote, but more importantly, explaining why you had no religious concerns when running for office, when calling gay friends to brag about cosponsoring the bill, when tweeting about the bill and how it addressed any religious concerns, but suddenly, over a mysterious 3 days in February, you did have religious concerns, almost like magic, out of nowhere.

You're a liar, Sam. And a coward. You milked a lot of our friends in common for money and support to run as a progressive Democrat. And you're not a progressive Democrat. You're a homophobic bigot whose word means nothing. And you don't even have the spine to defend yourself.

And you have the nerve to talk about moving ahead with tax issues and senior citizens?

A senior citizen would have to be nuts to believe anything Sam Arora has to say. The man is a proven liar. He says one thing to constituents to get their money, and then does another, with no explanation, at the last minute, changing his vote on a dime. Why should anyone trust anything you say ever again, Sam?  Why won't the same thing, the same people, who got to you on marriage get to you on taxes, or seniors, or kids or any other issue you claim to care about?

That is why it's so important to find out what happened to Sam Arora during those three days in February when he suddenly turned his back on so many friends, donors, and constituents. What happened that is so bad that Sam Arora is too afraid to even talk about why he changed his vote?

Sam Arora's got a secret. And he's nuts if he thinks Demorats are going to let him get away with it.

Your career in Democratic politics is over, Sam.

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