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South African police reportedly not terribly interested in investigating deaths of gay men

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Not a very good message for tourism or business in that country.

Senekal, a manager at the Joburg Theatre, is one of several gay men murdered in their homes in recent months, with gay rights groups already pressuring the police into performing a more in-depth investigation into the crimes.

Gay rights, health and well-being organisation OUT launched its own campaign last month.

OUT director Dawie Nel expressed his concern at the apparent limited success of the police in investigating the murders and said OUT was in discussion with pro bono lawyers in a bid to pressure the authorities to take action.

“There is a perception that there is a lack of interest in the cases, in part due to the sexual orientation of the victims. Added to this, the investigating officers may have limited knowledge or awareness of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community and online dating,” said Nel.

“We fear that someone is preying on gay men, and the authorities appear unwilling to acknowledge this.”
It's so much like parts of eastern Europe, and Russia, and parts of America too. The oppressed overthrow their oppressors, then they start oppressing others they consider beneath them.

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