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The strange flip-flop of Sam Arora

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Scott Wooledge over at DailyKos does a great job summarizing the tale of Sam Arora, a former Hillary staffer who got elected to the Maryland House of Delegates, claiming to be a pro-gay progressive, and suddenly within the course of three days, for no obvious reason, and for no clear reason that he's been able to enunciate, he changed into an anti-gay bigot.

Do check out this link again. It's one that I don't think Scott linked to.  And it's probably the most important aspect of this entire story.  Over the course of three days, the young man who has been bragging to gay friends privately of his support for marriage equality suddenly couldn't stomach the notion of gays getting "married."  I point this out because the evidence is so damning of something having happened during those three days, that a simple "he caved to his religion" simply will not due.

It's hard to believe that Sam Arora caved to his religious beliefs.  He already had those religious beliefs, and they were perfectly consistent in his mind with gays getting married - he even crowed in on tweet about how the Maryland legislation addresses the concerns of people of faith.  Then suddenly, over 3 days, all that changed.  Why?  What happened?  A few possibilities come to mind.

It's hard to believe that some outside influence wasn't at the core of the problem.  Whether it was an outside threat or an outside enticement, no one knows.  In politics, so often the threat is of scandal (sex or money), and the enticement is usually just money.  No evidence of either in this case, but there's also no evidence of anything at all that would explain the sudden erratic change in Arora's position. And Arora seems downright incapable of offering any kind of viable explanation whatsoever.

We have a mystery on our hands, but no matter.  Sam Arora's career in politics is over.  There are a lot of smart, resourceful, and connected people across the region who are now working together to ensure that this liar never works in Democratic politics ever again.

Stay tuned for more.

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