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Taibbi takes on HRC over Goldman honors

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I'd already written about the fact that HRC is honoring Goldman Sachs at its New York dinner. I noted that while I do think it's significant for a big company like Goldman to publicly endorse equality, I also think the timing of the embrace is perhaps not the best.

Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone weighs in, and makes some valid points about coalition politics.  He also noted something else rather interesting:

Maybe I'm misreading something, but if I'm going to let Lloyd Blankfein run around town dressed in my own personal cloak of liberal do-gooderism, I want him paying top dollar for the privilege. So how is Goldman only listed as a Bronze Partner in the HRC list of corporate partners, when companies like American Airlines and Citi are Platinum Partners? Hell, HRC should've come away from this transaction owning all of Greece's debt and that entire Maiden Lane bond portfolio Goldman just bought from the Fed. Sigh... on the other hand, no one ever accused Lloyd of being a bad negotiator.

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