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WA Talking Point: GOP AG/Gov. candidate has same bad position on marriage as Obama

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As everyone knows, we're expecting the anti-gay forces in Washington state to put the new marriage law on the ballot in November. Looks like the GOP candidate for Governor, who opposes the new law, will be using the "I have the same position on marriage as Obama" talking point. Not good for us, and not good for the President's re-election:

Republican Rob McKenna predicted the issue of gay marriage would ultimately be a wash in his campaign for Washington's open gubernatorial seat.

In the wake of the state becoming the seventh in the nation to recognize same sex marriage, Democrats have attempted to amplify the attorney general's opposition to the law.

But in an interview at the National Governors Association winter meeting in Washington Sunday, McKenna told POLITICO that the opposition may be overplaying their hand on the issue.

"A lot of time Christian conservatives don't vote because they turn inward towards their church, they don't want to be involved in politics. It turns them out too," he said when asked how a potential referendum on the newly minted law would impact his own race. "I think it's a wash in terms of turnout."

McKenna campaign manager Randy Pepple also pointed out that his candidate's position is the exact same as President Obama's and said Gov. Christine Gregoire dodged a question about the president's beliefs on the issue in an interview with POLITICO.
We're going to be hearing this a lot from Republicans, and we already are. In Washington state, it could present a problem with the referendum. The White House needs to fix this growing problem.

Evolve already. Seriously.

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