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Blogosphere responds to today's NC MoneyBomb

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Donate today.
Goal ThermometerThere's been an awesome response to the NC moneybomb today from across the blogosphere. If you haven't given yet, please use this ActBlue page to give to the campaign fighting the anti-gay amendment in North Carolina.  And don't forget our live chat with Jeremy Kennedy, the campaign manager for Protect All NC Families, at 3 PM ET.

NC's own Pam Spaulding: "Game on! We’re all-in against Amendment One during this week’s Money bomb Blogswarm" From Pam:

The poorly-written discrimination measure designed to hurt gay and lesbian couples in NC — and that will also harm hundreds of thousands of families in this state will be on the ballot on May 8.

Why do I think we can win? The polling shows we can:

54.2% of North Carolinians surveyed either oppose or strongly oppose “an amendment to the constitution that would ban same-sex marriage.”
Only 37.8% polled were in any way supportive of Amendment One.
The poll also illustrates a dramatic increase in the category of “strong opposition” to this type of amendment from only one year ago, with 34% now voicing strong opposition versus 21.8% in February 2011.
Overall opposition to Amendment One increased even further when North Carolinians polled were asked whether they opposed an amendment to the North Carolina constitution “that would prevent civil unions and domestic partnerships for same-sex couples.” Nearly 57% of North Carolinians (56.9%) polled opposed or strongly opposed an amendment on that basis.

What is the challenge ahead?

Bottom line – we need to raise money to get on the air to combat the lies and misinformation being spread by Tami Fitzgerald‘s Vote for Marriage NC — with help from the right-wing Heritage Foundation and the Family Research Council, an organization recognized as a national hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Early voting starts in NC on April 19.
BlueNC: "Moneybomb to stop Amendment One begins today" James Protzman wrote:
The money bomb to fight Amendment One begins today. My family has contributed, and we ask that you do as well. For those unable to give, we have a stockpile of yard signs on hand, free for the asking. The only catch is, you have to come to my house in Chapel Hill to pick them up. Let me know if you want one.

This is a fight for the heart and soul of freedom. Please give.
Towleroad: Moneybomb: Help Defeat North Carolina’s ‘Amendment One." From Andy:
This week, Towleroad is assisting in a 'money bomb' intended to raise $1 million for the campaign to defeat Amendment One in North Carolina, which appears on the ballot on May 8 and would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage there.
Daily Kos: "This week: Netroots Money Bomb to oppose NC’s Amendment One." Scott Wooledge:
I don’t buy that North Carolinians are just too southern and can’t be reached and educated. These are pronouncements made by people who don’t live there and underestimate the North Carolina people and are more than a little condescending to the most progressive southern state, which broke for a guy named Barack Obama in 2008.

Joe My God: "LAUNCHED: NC Marriage Moneybomb"-- and Joe sums it up succinctly:
North Carolina's marriage vote is May 8th and the good guys need dough to get their message out.
Good As You: "Six weeks to Protect NC Families #4marriageNC." And, Jeremy, of course, nails it:
North Carolina voters will vote on a marriage amendment in six weeks (!), going against one of the most nakedly faith-based, proudly extremist-aligned campaign we've ever faced. It's the last Southern state to weigh in on whether a state's most precious governing document should be turned into a weapon that targets certain kinds of taxpayers, so I don't have to explain the importance of the effort.

We can win this. To help, give a little coin now, in this crucial period
Prop 8 Trial Tracker: "Why North Carolina is different–and important." Jacob Combs writes:
Out of all the Southern states, North Carolina seems the most natural choice to reflect the growing support for marriage equality across the U.S. by bucking the tradition set by its neighbors and defeating a marriage ban. A win for our side in North Carolina would show that the momentum for marriage equality truly is building, and that the coalition of voters from all walks of life that support the right to marry can make a difference and defeat an odious measure like Amendment One.
Back 2 Stonewall: Help Save North Carolina’s LGBT Community From Discrimination and Bigotry! – Help Fight NC’s Amendment One!" From Will Kohler:
Today the Coalition to Protect All NC Families launches a week-long moneybomb to get over the $1,000,000 mark to combat and defeat the poorly-written discrimination measure which was speciffically designed to attack and hurt gay and lesbians in North Carolina. supports the Coalition to Protect All NC Families bid to defeat this measure and ask that all our readers will join in to help.

If you can DONATE PLEASE DO. (Even our poor assed blog manages to scrounge up a donation thats how important we think this is!)
And, Bilerico: "North Carolina Amendment Recap & LiveChat at 3pm." Bil Browning reminds us about the live chat at 3 PM Today:
Today at 3pm Eastern we'll be co-hosting a livechat with Jeremy Kennedy, the campaign manager for Protect All NC Families - the organization leading the fight against the state's proposed anti-marriage constitutional amendment. Other chat co-hosts include Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, Adam Bink of the Courage Campaign, and Joe Sudbay from Americablog.

Also - this week the blogosphere is working with the campaign to push a "moneybomb" - a concerted effort in order to bring a national focus to Protect All NC Families and their efforts to defeat Amendment One. The money bomb will encompass a major social media fundraising push, state and national blogger outreach, the coalition campaign's over 100 partner organizations and others to build on the campaign's momentum.

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