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Catholic priests denies communion to lesbian at her mom's funeral, walks out

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Wow, even by Catholic standards, this is pretty bad. And kudos to the Catholic archdiocese for apologizing.

But still, is this really inconsistent with the way the Catholic church treats gays, and anyone it considers a sinner? The church regularly, and usually right before an election, refuses to give communion to Democratic politicians are who are pro-choice (seemingly in an effort to swing the election to the Republicans). Then there's the church's ongoing poor handling of the pedophilia scandal. And let's not forget that the Catholic church is notoriously homophobic, and went so far as to shut down adoption services for parentless children rather than recognize "the gay" as equal. So these are not people who blink at doing some pretty unseemly things.

So it's curious that this one event finally crossed the line for the Catholic leadership. And good. It seems there's a shred of humanity, and Christianity, left.

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