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European Court of Human Rights abandons gays

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Wow, this is quite a hideous decision from a court that clearly needs to change its name. Telegraph:

The European Court of Human Rights reached the decision in the case of a lesbian couple in a civil partnership in France, who complained they would not be allowed to adopt a child as a couple, according to the Daily Mail.
But the judges in Strasbourg said: "The European Convention on Human Rights does not require member states’ governments to grant same-sex couples access to marriage."

"With regard to married couples, the court considers that in view of the social, personal, and legal consequences of marriage, the applicants’ legal situation could not be said to be comparable to that of married couples," the judges added.
The adoption issue is pretty abominable. I thought these French civil unions didn't include adoption, and they don't. And this court ruling... wow. Some day they're going to overturn this ruling and it will remain a historical black mark on the court for decades to come.

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