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Firing of anti-gay MI former asst AG upheld, harassed gay college kid

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You remember Andrew Shirvell, the former Michigan assistant attorney general who serially harassed a Michigan college student simply because he was gay. He got fired by the state. Then he appealed. He just lost the appeal.

A hearing officer with the Michigan Civil Service Commission has upheld the firing of former Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell as a result of his campaign against former University of Michigan student body President Chris Armstrong.

In issuing the decision, hearing officer William Hutchens wrote that Shirvell was found to “have engaged in harassing conduct of the basest sort.”
More from our earlier coverage:
With 27 postings to date, Shivell’s blog is filled with language you’ll never hear him use in a court room, calling Armstrong “nazi like,” a recruiter for “the cult that is homosexuality,” and a proponent of a “racist, anti-Christian agenda.”
In other internet postings, Shirvell’s language has been even stronger: calling Armstrong “Satan’s representative on the Student Assembly,” even posting a photograph with a swastika attached to his face.

“How under any circumstance, regardless of whether or not you agree with somebody’s lifestyle, is something like that defensible,” asked Jones.

“Well, he is promoting a satanic lifestyle, and he is a fierce advocate for it,” said Shirvell.

“By being openly gay,” asked Jones.

“No,” said Shirvell. “By being somebody that’s there to promote special rights for homosexuals at the cost of heterosexual students.”

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