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John Bartlett on rescue pets and the LGBT community

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This is not a political post, it's a pet post.

If you love animals, read John Bartlett's post over at Huffington's Gay Voices:

Nine years ago, on my 40th birthday, I rescued a homeless dog named Tiny Tim, who ended up rescuing me right back. Tiny Tim was a voracious and scrappy German Shepherd/Labrador/Pit Bull mix who was struck by a car on Christmas Eve, resulting in the amputation of his front leg. When I met him at the North Shore Animal League four months after his operation, it was love at first hairy sight.

As a gay man with no inclination for children, I had always been drawn to dogs, and as a 40-year-old single man (at the time), I wanted to do something with impact, move out of my comfort zone, and be responsible for another creature besides myself for once. Adopting a homeless pet was the solution for me, and almost instantly upon meeting Tiny Tim, my life began to take shape for the first time. It gave me a sense of being needed, a knowledge that something outside myself depended on me solely for its happiness and basic survival. In many ways it was my first step into adulthood.

My world opened up in ways I could never have imagined once Tiny Tim was at my side.
I love my rescue dog, Petey, and his predecessor, Boomer.

Here's Petey, who came to us via the Washington Humane Society:

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