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On DNC's marriage plank, "Plouffe retreated into obscure questions of party process"

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As a follow up to John's last post, today, David Plouffe punted on the marriage in the DNC platform question.

Via Buzzfeed:

George Stephanopolous asked Obama aide David Plouffe about the plank on "This Week" this morning, and Plouffe retreated into obscure questions of party process.

"We don't even have a platform committee yet, much less a platform," Plouffe said.

Activists took his answer as a sign that the White House is nervous about the issue.

"That non-answer David gave is a sure sign they see marriage equality as the emerging convention issue to manage," said Richard Socarides, a former Clinton aide and gay rights activist. "How they manage it will say a lot about Obama to party loyalists and insiders."
Yes, it will.

I've said it before, I'll say it again (and will again and again), there is a simple solution: Evolve Already!

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