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Secret NOM memo: Let's hire beautiful stupid people to win the culture war

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We wrote late Monday night about the National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) secret plan to incite a race war in order to stop gays from getting their civil rights. Well GLAAD noticed another part of the document that's almost laughable. In an effort to counter Hollywood's pro-gay influence on the culture, NOM wants to create a group of artists, athletes, writers and beauty queens who are anti-gay and - get this - stupid. Or as NOM calls them in the secret memo, "non-cognitive." That means stupid.

From the NOM memo, pages 19 and 20.

The next paragraph is about Carrie Prejean. You can't get any more non-cognitive than that.

So to recap: In order to win, NOM plans to manipulate black and Latino voters with very beautiful stupid people.

Any questions about what the religious right really thinks about the intelligence level of African-Americans and Latinos?

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