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This week, A Money Bomb to Help North Carolina Defeat Anti-gay Amendment 1

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Please give to help fight the anti-gay constitutional amendment in North Carolina.

It's a big week for North Carolina. Protect All NC Families, the campaign to defeat Amendment 1, is going to hit the $1 million mark -- with our help:

On Monday, March 26, Protect All NC Families, the coalition effort to defeat Amendment One on May 8, announced the launch of an aggressive weeklong grassroots fundraising effort to reach the referendum campaign’s initial $1 million dollar fundraising milestone.

To date, Protect All NC Families has already raised more than $950,000 in financial contributions, the vast majority from thousands of individual North Carolina donors, as well as key coalition members the Human Rights Campaign, Replacements, Ltd, Self-Help, Equality NC, ACLU NC and others.

The campaign launched this week’s fundraising campaign, also known as a “money bomb,” as a primarily online effort in order to bring a national focus to Protect All NC Families and their efforts to defeat Amendment One. The money bomb will encompass a major social media fundraising push, state and national blogger outreach, the coalition campaign’s over 100 partner organizations and others to build on the campaign’s momentum.

To learn more, visit:

“This seven-day money bomb enables us to do the most important thing we could in this campaign: educate as many state citizens as possible in as many ways as possible about the harms of this constitutional amendment, including communicating those harms to women, children and families on television and radio,” said Jeremy Kennedy, campaign manager for Protect All NC Families.
I gave. My favorite North Carolinians, Pam Spaulding and her wife, Kate, reached deep into their rainy day fund to contribute $1,000. This one is personal for Pam. Seems like everyone asks Pam to help their causes -- and, she always does. On this one, I also want to give back on something that matters personally to Pam. So, Carlos and I dipped into our rainy day fund to match Pam and Kate's contribution. He's from California and I'm from Maine. We both know what it's like to have your rights put on the ballot. This year, my political money is going to the efforts to achieve equality.

Then there are people with a lot of money (some of them from NC) who need to deliver. Polling shows that we can win -- if we can get the resources. I have been very impressed with the team running the NC team. They are playing to win. And, playing hard. Their newest hashtag on twitter is #FirstinFight, a very clever play on the state's motto -- and an indication of the key role NC has for the equality debate in 2012. Winning in North Carolina will keep up the momentum.

At 3 PM ET today, Bilerico, Pam's House Blend and AMERICAblog, among others, are going to be doing a live chat with NC's campaign manager, Jeremy Kennedy. He'll answer our questions about the campaign's strategy to win.

There's a lot on the line this year. We've been on a roll. Let's keep it going. Donate today.
Goal Thermometer
And, all those people who want marriage in the DNC platform need to do everything possible to win in North Carolina, the state that will host the Democratic convention. As Amanda Terkel and Sam Stein reported earlier this month, many DNC types are looking for reasons to keep marriage out of the platform. We can't give them any excuses. And, don't forget, the President opposes Amendment 1. All those gay donors who have been writing big checks for his reelection need to write checks to help win in NC, too.

The other side is already spewing their lies. Alvin McEwen takes apart their first ad here. The haters want to keep their winning record intact. Let's stop them in North Carolina.

Also want to give a shout out to the Courage Campaign for all the help that group is giving to NC, too!

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