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Turkish military requiring gays to "prove" they're gay, with photos in action

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And you have to be "passive" in the photos, not active - active with another guy isn't proof enough.  Which, ironically, means that the Turkish military has an official policy that it's okay for straight guys to boink other men, so long as they're "active."  Which is kind of a funny policy for a bunch of homophobes. CBC News:

Lacking any valid "diagnostic tools," a physician told the BBC World Service, potential gay draftees must prepare whatever evidence they can to convince a military health panel of their homosexuality, sometimes deemed as a "psychosexual disorder."

"They asked me if I liked football, whether I wore women's clothes or used women's perfume," said one gay conscript in his 20s.
Gokhan, also conscripted in the 1990s and using a different name, said he submitted a photo of himself having sex with a male partner. He said he had heard it was otherwise impossible to obtain a pink certificate.

''The face must be visible,'' Gokhan said, adding he worries about the possibility they could be made public. ''And the photos must show you as the passive partner.''
Because everyone knows that Turkish military guys are always boinking other men actively.  I think I'll wait for the DVD.

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