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Video protest: The right to public nudity in the Castro

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Public nudity is apparently legal in San Francisco. And that has at least one city supervisor concerned about nude San Franciscans sitting on park benches, at restaurants, or on public transportation.

In the spirit of those protesting the new proposed city ordinance, COLT studios, an adult-film studio, decided to send one of their stars, Marc Dylan, around the Castro with nothing on but a camera around his neck. The video is pretty damn funny, I have to admit.  (And how often do I find a COLT video that's relevant for the blog.)

So in the spirit of playing nice, since everyone felt I was too mean to adult-film stars the other day, I'm sharing COLT's mini protest in San Francisco.  It's actually quite a fun video.

Here's the PG version of the video.

And here's the Full Monty, unedited.

I have to laugh at the number of people just walking by the guy like there's no problem, nothing to see. Only in California - and I mean that with love.

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