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Arora adopts Obama talking point, says views on marriage have "evolved"

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By now, everyone who pays attention knows that President Obama claims to be "evolving" on same-sex marriage. That evolution was first announced on October 27, 2010 in an interview I did with the President.

Guess who else is now claiming that his views have evolved? The despicable Delegate from Silver Spring: Sam Arora.

In the letter Arora sent to constituents, which Maryland Juice posted, Arora wrote:

This has been an emotional debate on all sides, and my own views on the best way to achieve equality under law for all Maryland families have evolved.
I think the more accurate term would be "devolved." And, he devolved rapidly.

As we've written many times, when Arora ran in the fall of 2010, he was for marriage equality. But, by the end of February of 2011, suddenly he was against it -- and still is.

Of course, in 1996, President Obama supported marriage equality as a state senate candidate. Then, a few years later, he didn't. Now, he's evolving. At least Obama is heading in the right direction now. Arora went backwards over the course of a couple months.

So, Arora is using Obama's talking point. It's bad enough when anti-gay Republicans say they have the same views as Obama -- when that is patently false. But, who wants to have the same message on marriage as a liar like Sam Arora?

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