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Gambia arrests 15 for "suspected homosexuality"

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It amazes me that these African governments are fighting what they see as the western white man's contagion of homosexuality by adopting another western white contagion, religious right extremism.

It is white religious right leaders who have brought this new anti-gay extremism to Africa.  A lot of these countries have always been anti-gay, but it's only been in recent years that the far-right of the far-right in America has been going to Africa, and around the world really, and spreading the most virulent forms of discrimination and hate, which are now coming home to roost in an unusual number of African countries simultaneously.

These governments are doing the work of white radicals in America.  Congratulations!

It also never ceases to amaze me when people who have suffered from centuries of oppression then turn around and oppress someone else.  As Justice Sotomayor herself said before being confirmed, and I paraphrase, but growing up as a minority, and facing the challenges that your minority status brings, teaches you things that others less oppressed might not fully know or appreciate.

These governments should know better.  They're acting no better than the Afrikaners who discriminated against others they deemed inferior.  History is far too often about people not learning an obvious lesson.

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