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Gambian leader refuses to let zebras mix with donkeys

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Someone's been channeling their inner Santorum.

After all, I have donkeys, I have zebras that look like donkeys; I put them together they have never met because they are different. I see no reasons why we human beings who are created by God cannot see the difference, it will not happen in this country. We will respect human rights where a human being behaves like a human being.

I have more than 5000 heads of cattle including bulls, the bulls fight when one bull climbs onto the other. You want to tell me that cattle and bull are more intelligent than the human beings? In your country a man can marry a man and marry a woman if you are a woman, but in The Gambia, we will not accept it."

The Gambian leader concluded by asserting "you can call me any names, but we will not compromise our dignity, we will not insult our religion, and we will not insult God by doing something in the name of human rights". [emphasis added]
There's a funny thing about human rights. You really don't get to decide when you're going to respect them, and for whom you're going to respect them. You just respect them, period. It's amazing how so many people, who were oppressed for so long, can't wait to find someone else that they too can oppress. As Avenue Q taught us, bigotry isn't exclusively white.


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