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Is Mitt Romney's gay spokesman a milestone?

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It may be a milestone for GOP, but not politics overall. Don't forget, Obama had a gay spokesman first.

And while a gay spokesman, openly gay one at least, might be unique for the GOP, Grenell is not the first openly gay person to be at the highest levels of a GOP presidential campaign. McCain had senior staff who were openly gay, and Ken Mehlman (though closeted at the time) ran the Bush-Cheney campaign in 2004.  Still, Romney get some kudos for picking an openly gay man for a public position, and a serious position at that (foreign policy).

Now, let Romney announce that he'd appoint Grenell UN ambassador, Secretary of State, or National Security Adviser, and then I'll give him well-deserved kudos for making a milestone.  The same way I'll applaud if the Obama administration ever appoints someone openly gay to the cabinet.

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