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MD's Sam Arora lies to constituents about marriage betrayal

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UPDATE: Read the letter we've just received from Arora constituent Julie Tagen, titled "Sam Arora is a liar."

Sam Arora has a secret.
Maryland Delegate Sam Arora just issued a letter claiming that he never fully considered the issue of marriage equality before last year, 2011, and that's why he got so confused when the issue came up and flip-flopped on the issue, ultimately betraying his promise, his friends, and his constituents.

Only problem?  There's lots of proof that Arora considered the issue in 2010 and was fully in favor of marriage equality when he ran for election the first time.  So why is he so blatantly lying?

There is no other explanation I can think of to explain what is motivating than this guy other than to conclude that something happened behind closed doors that Maryland Delegate Sam Arora either will not, or can not, tell his constituents. Why? Because he just lied to his constituents about why he changed his position on marriage equality last year.

Via Maryland Juice, here is what Arora is now claiming in a letter to constituents explaining his flip-flop on marriage equality:
"[B]efore last year, I had not fully considered the issue of legislating same-sex marriage."
That is an outright lie. The year before, Arora ran on a campaign of, among other things, supporting marriage equality. He filled out a questionnaire endorsing marriage equality in 2010, and even added his own personal addendum.
Click to see readable version.

He told Maryland voters in person that he was going to support marriage equality. He cosponsored the bill at the beginning of last year, and called constituents bragging to them about how proud he was to cosponsor it. He tweeted about how happy he was to cosponsor the bill and how it didn't run counter to any religious concerns.

Sam Arora is a liar.  And a homophobe.  His career in Democratic politics is over.  And the ongoing lies only further the suspicion that something happened behind closed doors that Arora is refusing to admit.
Maryland Lawmaker Sam Arora's Letter to Constituents Explaining Marriage Equality Betrayal

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