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Mormons "getting more loving of gays," as they try to repeal marriage in Maryland

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Isn't that nice.  A Mormon dude said some nice things about gays, and cried.  And some Mormons kids at BYU did an It Gets Better video to convince young people not to commit suicide and the Mormons didn't excommunicate them, for trying to convince young people not to put a bullet through their heads.  All of this means that the Mormons are slowly getting "better" on gay issues.

Yeah right.

What's next?  Mormons won't stone emergency room doctors who treat gay patients?

Their kindness is killing me.


So please ignore the fact that Mormons are now behind the marriage equality repeal effort in Maryland, just like they threw around their millions to rip away our civil rights in California, Alaska, Nebraska, Hawaii, etc. over the past twenty years.  Sure gay and trans kids are still killing themselves because of the hate they face on a daily basis from people like the Mormons, but a Mormon guy cried, so it's okay.

It doesn't get better until they get better.

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