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Obama campaign ramps up gay, trans PR offensive

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The campaign seems to be going on the offensive about how good the President has been for the community. John Hudson at the Atlantic Wire has more:

[T]he Obama-Biden website, where a glossy infographic of a rainbow road from 2009 to present day presents his track record on LGBT issues. It's not all that different from the timeline we drafted last week (Of course, the administration included more minor initiatives to fill it out). What you'll notice in today's timeline that we noticed in our own last week, is there's a measurable slow down on LGBT activity once the 2012 calendar year begins.

Sure, you're seeing some activity but some of these are rather innocuous or vague gestures, like February 13's entry: "Proposed a 2013 federal budget for an economy built to last including providing security for the LGBT community." What does that even mean? Also, the final entry which doesn't have a date associated with it says the administration "ensured" that transgender vets would receive "respectful care." How did it "ensure" this?

Obviously, the elephant in the room is gay marriage. Is the president just signaling—be patient, I'll take care of it after the election—or is this more of a You should be happy with what you've got statement? Whatever the case is, signs show this "evolution" process is becoming frustrating to the gay community.

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