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On Maddow, Gabriel Arana talks ex-gay therapy and Spitzer's retraction of his study

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Last week, Gabriel Arana wrote a powerful article, My So-called Ex-gay Life, at The American Prospect about his own experience with ex-gay therapy. He also wrote a post for AMERICAblog Gay about the bombshell revelation from Dr. Robert Spitzer, recanting his study supporting ex-gay therapy:

Robert Spitzer—the guy who led the charge to declassify homosexuality as a mental illness in 1973—published a controversial study in 2001 saying that some gay people could change their sexual orientation. The study continues to be cited by proponents of "ex-gay therapy" (the notion that you can pray away the gay) as the chief piece of evidence that such therapy works; the fact that he is not a flack for the ex-gay movement and is an atheist made it hard to say he was biased. But when I met Spitzer in March, he asked me to retract the study.
Last night, Gabriel was on Maddow talking about the issue. Very cool. And, very proud of him. Excellent and important. And, Rachel is right. It's "a remarkable piece of reporting."

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