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Prop 8 creator leaves firm after clients get upset about his anti-gay antics

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Boo freaking hoo.

Sacramento political consultant Frank Schubert, who guided Proposition 8's ban on same-sex marriage to victory in 2008, announced today that he is leaving the firm he founded.

Schubert suggested his advocacy for conservative causes -- opposing abortion rights and same-sex marriage -- was hindering Schubert Flint Public Affairs' work with corporate clients.

"My conservative ideology and my faith have been major guiding forces in my decision to work on some important but controversial issues, including life and marriage," he said in a statement. "But the firm has become much bigger than me personally. I don't want my work on social issues to continue to overshadow the people who work for me, or the clients we serve. ...
In other words, his political gay bashing was costing him money, so he chose cash over Leviticus.

The article notes later on that Joe Fox's film "Question One," which we've written about before, was also part of the cause of the heartburn.  That's the documentary we're hoping Landmark will show in its theaters nationwide.  Help us convince Landmark that it make good business sense to show Question One.

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