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Protect All NC Families launches first tv ads against Amendment 1

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Election day is May 8th. Early voting began Thursday -- and has been going strong. North Carolinian Pam Spaulding, who has been our inspiration in this battle, voted Saturday and provided this link, which tracks early voting.

 The t.v. ad wars start today. Last night, the campaign did a conference call with the media consultants, Mark Amour and Chad Griffin (yes, the soon-to-be President of HRC), Dustin Lance Black and the pollster, Josh Ulibarri from Lake Research, to discuss the ads and the strategy for the next two weeks. Our side did some pretty intense research to figure out the messages that moved voters. And, these ads, according to testing, worked. One other thing, Dustin Lance Black said, with which I agree, is that before major donors go the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte and spend $100,000 on VIP parties and functions, they need to donate to defeat discrimination in NC now.

Protect All NC Families started airing these two ads today: And: The other side start airing its ads today, too. The Protect All NC Families website is here. Already, the campaign has raised $600,000 online -- far more than expected. Thanks to everyone who made that happen. And, you can still donate to buy more air time here. 

The campaign is also running an aggressive field program, focusing on get-out-the-vote. And, there are lots of other allies doing their own outreach via radio and mail. More from Pam on some of the grassroots efforts here.

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