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They dont have gays in Africa. Uh huh.

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Yeah it's a white thing. Except of course that there are as many gays in the white community as there are in the black community in this country. So now it's a "western" thing. Uh huh. I'll tell you what is a western thing - using homophobia to unify your people in hate. In the US, white religious right hate groups have been exporting their hate to Africa for years now, and it's working. Now we have African politicians doing the bidding of white bigots in the west. Not a great way for Africans to show their independence from colonialism, by being puppets of white bigots in the west.

NPR on the growing gay rights debate in Liberia:

FORD: Well, the gay debate here in Liberia - there wasn't really one, to be honest, until Hillary Clinton made these remarks and, unfortunately, they were misreported in the media here, claiming that America wants Liberia to introduce same-sex marriage or else it will stop giving aid to the country, which obviously is not true. But then it sparked this huge debate involving the West telling Liberia what to do, how homosexuality is a Western thing, it's un-African, it's not traditional.

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