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Traditional marriage was intra-racial, planned by your parents, and sexist

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When I hear people like arch-right-wing anti-gay activist Kirk Cameron talk about their love for traditional marriage, I wonder if Cameron full understands what he's embracing.

After all, traditionally marriage was a union between people of the same race, planned by their parents, and in which the women owned none of the property.

It was only in 1967 that the Supreme Court outlawed miscegenation laws that banned marriages between the races.  So if Kirk Cameron believes in inter-racial marriage, then he believes in a form of marriage that's only been legal nationwide in this country for 45 years.  That's not very traditional.  And heck, in Mississippi a plurality of Republicans think inter-racial marriage should still be illegal.  Now that's a tradition with legs.

Maybe Kirk Cameron means the Mormon definition of traditional marriage.

Traditionally the Mormons practiced polygamy.

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