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Watch a new message from the campaign manager of Mainers United for Marriage

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Matt McTighe, the new campaign manager for Mainers United for Marriage, the new group fighting for marriage equality in November, published a letter in the Portland Press Herald yesterday on his fight for marriage.

Sometimes they're hilarious; often they're a little awkward. Sometimes they bring down the house, leaving not a dry eye in the place.

The best man's speech I gave at my brother Bobby's wedding may be the only time I've ever seen him -- the older brother I grew up idolizing, the Army major just back from his first Iraq tour and only three months shy of his second -- well up with emotion. I'll never forget the joy our entire family felt that day, nor the bond I felt with my brother.

When a groom asks his friend or brother or father to stand with him on one of the biggest days of his life, he's asking them to bear witness, to support him, to lift him up and to celebrate the joy of the day.

That is true for all couples who have made a lifelong commitment to each other, a commitment built upon love, mutual respect and dignity. It is no less true for the tens of thousands of loving, committed same-sex couples living in Maine.
You can read the whole letter here.

The campaign also released a video message from McTighe outlining the launch of the campaign and asking supporters to answer the call to support the campaign.

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