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AFA claims credit for forcing Romney to drop gay spokesman

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This is the part where Romney either says something, or comes off as a pushover. Guess which one he'll do. Here's the religious right hate group, AFA:

It was just last week that Bryan Fischer was declaring that if Mitt Romney wants to win in November, he'd "better start listening to me." And the first thing that Romney needed to do was fire Richard Grenell because all week Fischer had been relentlessly attacking the campaign for having hired an openly gay man to serve as the foreign policy and national security spokesman.

Today, during the second hour of Fischer's daily radio broadcast, the news broke the Grenell had in fact resigned from the campaign and Fischer could barely contain his glee, declaring it a "huge win" for the Religious Right because it means that they have forced Romney to back down and taught him that he cannot do anything like this again.

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