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Biden's marriage comments were all part of an 11th dimensional plot

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Well you could have your vice president saying he's OK with gay marriage (becoming the highest-ranking U.S. official ever to make such a statement), making gay and lesbian activists (and their straight supporters) happy. Then, you could have the White House officially saying Obama's opinion on the matter is still "evolving," appeasing independents and yet giving gay activists hope that Obama might "evolve" toward the direction of his veep. And you could also give a little comfort to those who like to believe that Obama picks people who are true advisers, and not just sycophants.

And just to be sure, your Department of Education secretary, Arne Duncan, by happenstance mentions on a national broadcast that he, too, supports gay marriage. Look at those high-ranking Obama administration officials, coming out for gay marriage! And look at the president, not just giving in to people he outranks!
Except that if you know any actual gay people, they're not jumping up and down with exclamation points at the end of their sentences, pleased as punch about this entire affair (well, yes they are jumping up and down, but their exclamations aren't quite what the White House was hoping for, if this was all part of some secret White House plot).

And, as I explained earlier today, independents are on OUR side on gay marriage, so where did this notion that we're going to "freak them out" come from (this was mentioned earlier on in the US News piece I link to above)?

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