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Maryland Christian bigots set to turn in first wave of signatures to repeal civil rights

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I hope they're all proud to be carrying on the legacy of the segregationists and the Klan.

Churches are leading this political effort. Why are they getting taxpayer money, in the form of tax exemptions, to support right-wing politics? If they want to be an arm of the Republican party, then so be it - let them be. But not on our dime.

UPDATE: From Marylanders for Marriage Equality Campaign Director, Josh Levin:
“Given the low bar for petitioning a law to the ballot in Maryland, we’ve always expected same-sex marriage opponents to meet that threshold and then some—up to their stated target of 150,000.

"But don't confuse meeting the legal requirement with intensity or measure of support. It's clear those opposed to marriage equality are losing ground. Our PPP poll last week showed 57% would vote to uphold the law - with 37% voting against - if the election were held today. A surge in support among African American voters (to 55%) in the wake of endorsements by President Obama and the NAACP are key factors in that change. As we open two new campaign offices and build out a robust field operation to offer information, register, and mobilize voters this summer and fall, we will be looking to maintain this record-level of support for marriage equality in Maryland.

"Beyond polling and politics,let’s keep in mind what the likely referendum is all about: building stronger families and protecting every child under Maryland law. Only marriage provides such legal protections to children. Every family deserves dignity, just as every church deserves its freedom and liberty to marry who they want. Religious liberty is cherished and protected."
Here's a new video Marylanders for Marriage Equality just released:

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