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Signorile on Obama's "gay panic"

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From Mike Signorile at HuffPo:

Who exactly was supposed to be appeased by Axelrod's tweet [taking back Biden's support for gay marriage]? The Christian right, which isn't voting for Obama and believes he is for gay marriage no matter how many tweets Axelrod sends? Or is it independents, who really couldn't care less about this issue but see another episode in which an indecisive, fearful leader doesn't take a stand, the opposite of the kind of leader independents like to vote for? Is there really a group of voters out there that would switch votes from Obama to Romney because the vice president -- who is unlikely to ever become president -- vaguely supports marriage equality? The answer is no on all counts. And that's how you know it's a gay panic -- an irrational fear of all things gay that has politicians acting on impulse rather than reason.

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