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Straight Florida teen attempts suicide, parents say was taunted as "gay"

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It's an angle to the anti-gay bullying story that many people hadn't considered. Namely, that lots of straight kids are victims of anti-gay bullying, and thus are at risk of hurting themselves. HuffPost:

A Florida teen is suffering from brain damage after attempting suicide a year ago -- a victim, his parents say, of being subjected to anti-gay bullying in high school.

Gray's parents told News Channel 8/Tampa Bay Online that their son tried to kill himself at home after being tormented "nonstop" by bullies at Zephyrhills High School in Pasco County, Fla. "Gay Zach, fag, queer -- it was nonstop," Lynn "Sissy" Gray said, describing the taunts her son used to receive, even though he was not actually gay and had a steady girlfriend.

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