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AFA hate group: "It is all together right to discriminate against homosexuals"

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This is the same hate group that is threatening Target with a boycott over some Pride t-shirts the chain is selling.

I'll say this for AFA, at least they're consistent in their hate.  They've said a lot of hateful things about Jews in the past.  And now they continue to pull no punches in their intolerance and bigotry towards gays.

The thing is, AFA always ends up losing these boycotts because they just can't hide the hate.   It's the reason Joe and I beat AFA's boycott of the Ford Motor Company (Ford sided with us), and it's the reason so many of the AFA's "boycotts" go bust.

No American company wants to side with a known hate group that has historically had a problem with Jews and that thinks that "it is all together right to discriminate against homosexuals."

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