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Canadian Muslims invite execute-all-gays speaker to "unity" conference

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That's a bit - no, a lot - like inviting a speaker who calls for the execution of all Muslims to one of our "unity" conferences.

I doubt Canadian Muslim leaders would be very thrilled with any of us inviting someone like that to any of our events.  How could they?

Toronto Sun:

Dr. Bilal Philips, a Canadian-born Muslim preacher with reputed links to terrorists who's been ousted from several countries, is to be a speaker at the Power of Unity Conference.

The event, being held by the Muslim Council of Calgary June 29 to July 1, aims to celebrate multiculturalism and more than a half-century of Islam in Canada.
On his website, the Islamic convert said AIDS is a message from God about the perils of homosexuality and last year in Toronto he was quoted as saying "according to Islamic law, homosexuals should be executed if caught in the act."
Oh and he's been banned from a number of countries, including Germany, because of his hate.  Nice, so he's a bigot who wants gays executed, thinks AIDS is a message from God, and he's reputed to have ties to terrorists.

So, Calgary's Muslim leadership wants non-Muslims around the world to believe the far-right stereotype of Muslims as backwards, terrorist, haters.  Congratulations, it worked.

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