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CNN contributor Dana Loesch defends kid who says Obama turns kids gay

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From the Advocate:
CNN contributor Dana Loesch is defending the 14-year-old talk radio host who said President Obama "is making kids gay."

Loesch, who is also host of The Dana Show on radio, went on Twitter to defend Caiden Cowger from outrage.

"Another conservative teen under attack for being ... a conservative teen," she wrote. "Remember when adults praised civic participation?"

Later she added, "Love the NOH8 bullies. Love the irony of that statement even more."
Loesch is apparently a member of the STFU wing of the Republican party. The only free speech they recognize in America is their right to speak their mind, unfettered by your criticism. If you exercise your right to free speech by disagreeing with them, or - gasp! - openly criticizing them, they wet their panties and whine about how unfair it is that you get to express an opinion too.

"The NOH8 bullies."  These are people who are trying to stop bullied gay kids from killing themselves.  And Loesch mocks them.

Not every conservative is a hateful idiot.  But damn if CNN doesn't seem to find the worst of the bunch to put on contract.

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