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Conservative gay group endorses Romney after he pretty much bails on everyting

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Whatever. Romney is pretty much bad on everything at this point - ENDA, DOMA, DADT. Hell, he couldn't even stomach a gay spokesman. So naturally, the upstart conservative gay group has to endorse him because without the endorsement their members would need to actually address their own self-loathing. Providing them a psychological beard is cheaper than therapy.

Read on, from HuffPo:
The endorsement does not surprise political observers as GOProud has previously said that it would back any Republican presidential candidate. GOProud's executive director, Jimmy LaSalvia, told The Huffington Post that Romney's opposition to same-sex marriage did not affect his group's endorsement. While he does not agree with Romney's stance on marriage, he concurs with many other of his positions, on Social Security reform and health care, for example.

LaSalvia is more concerned about the debt ceiling then marriage, he said: "We're on the brink" of a debt crisis, "and that will effect everything in our lives.

"Every issue is a gay issue," LaSalvia continued. "We know what we need to know: Governor Romney's record and President [Barack] Obama's record."
Yes, well any gay rights group that's more worried about the debt than gay marriage isn't really a gay rights group at all, now is it. It's a GOP front group. It is to gay civil rights what Fox is to news. It's meant to co-opt the issue in order to help Republicans, rather than advance the cause of gay civil rights or the truth.

Though if every issue is a gay issue, then every group is a gay group, so there's really no need to pay any more heed to these boys and their psychological issues.

PS It was only a week or so ago that I warned what happens when "gay" groups aren't able to draw a distinction between gay rights work and every other issue under the sun. When every issue is a gay civil rights issue, then gay civil rights becomes a non-issue all together. And isn't that what these boys wanted all along?

As a gay Republican chief of staff to a House Member told me at an AIDS fundraiser years ago, after lecturing me about how the federal government shouldn't be spending a dime on AIDS because "it doesn't affect people like you and me":
"I make six figures, I have more important things to worry about than my civil rights."
Yeah, like your soul.

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