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Damning report on new religious right gay parenting "study"

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The family-values researcher who did the "study" - paid for by the anti-gay far right, of course - claims he enjoys controversy.  Hopefully he enjoys controversy more than his reputation, which is quickly heading south now that his "studies" are finally get the attention they deserve.  Though it's not the attention he was expecting.

It really appears quite duplicitous what this guy did.  Read through the link above.  This sounds like the work of the Family Research Council, and every other anti-gay "study" out there.  Lots of numbers to hide the fact that the "conclusion" is total bs.

My favorite "find" in the HuffPo link is that this "study" of "gay parenting" includes only two kids who actually grew up with gay parents.


But that hasn't stopped the religious right from totally distorting the "results."

I wonder if this "researcher" will put out a statement correcting the religious right's abuse of his "science."  Whether he does so will speak volumes as to whether this guy is truly an impartial scientist, or just another religious right hack.

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