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FRC fundraising off of criticism of Dick Cheney, Laura Bush being gay-lovers

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(Oops, just re-read my headline. Not "gay LOVERS," but rather, "GAY-lovers," as in "loving the gay too much." I love the English language :)

This should go over well.  As Charles notes, it seems that the Family Research Council is trying to fundraise off of Mary Cheney's wedding (with a bank shot off of Mrs. Bush).

Northfoto /
I wonder how former President Bush would feel about his wife being used so precipitously in a fundraising letter.

Forget him. How about Cheney. How convenient is it that FRC comes out with this fundraising appeal days after his daughter, Mary Cheney, married her partner.

Both Laura Bush and Dick Cheney have come out in favor of marriage equality in their own way, which makes FRC's usage of them in a fundraising letter probably appropriate, if not uncomfortably odd seeing that opposition to marriage equality was the wedge issue which got Bush re-elected.

I would practically give my eyeteeth (whatever those are) to hear the reactions should he and Vice President Cheney find out about this fundraising appeal.
They don't call them a "hate group" for nothing.

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